Mergers and Acquisitions

The professionals of Silverman Shin & Schneider PLLC have extensive experience in a full range of merger and acquisition transactions of all sizes.  The breadth of our practice areas and multi-industry representations allows us to provide a client with resources unmatched by our peers, while our intimate understanding of a client’s business enables us to focus on achieving the unique goals and needs of our client in a pragmatic way.

We represent private and public, financial and strategic, buyers, sellers and other stakeholders in mergers, acquisitions, divestures and spin-offs in industries from technology to transportation and from manufacturing to media.  We provide invaluable advice in structuring both stock and asset acquisitions and divestures, and assist clients in the initial negotiations through the successful execution of the transaction.

The more complex the transaction might be, the more our clients stand to benefit from our experience with substantive issues, due diligence and documentation.  We advise clients on the details of such fine-grained considerations as management, regulatory risks, contingent liabilities, employment matters, environmental problems and other factors beyond the balance sheet that will determine if the acquisition will succeed.  If selling a business or spinning off a subsidiary, we help our clients avoid risks and solve problems related to disclosure obligations, buyer’s financial strength and future relationships, if any, with the enterprise after the divesture.