Commercial Litigation

Silverman Shin & Schneider PLLC maintains a diversified civil litigation and arbitration practice, representing corporate, institutional and individual clients in a variety of commercial areas.  We practice before federal and state trial and appeals courts, and in administrative proceedings, arbitrations and mediations, throughout the United States.  Our litigators have extensive expertise in the commercial practice areas listed below.

We are experienced and highly successful trial attorneys.  We believe, though, that in most circumstances, litigation or arbitration should be utilized only after exhausting the possibility of all other reasonable solutions.  We counsel our clients on litigation avoidance by anticipating potential problems and developing workable long-term strategies.  Where conflict cannot be avoided, we are committed to considering all means of prompt resolution, with the objective of obtaining the best possible outcome for our clients.  Our creative approaches to dispute resolution often lead to favorable results without the need for protracted litigation or arbitration.  Nonetheless, based on our reputation and strong results in cases, our adversaries recognize that we are prepared to try cases if other efforts fail, which places us in the best possible position to negotiate and accomplish the most favorable possible resolution for our clients.

The close interaction that characterizes our attorney-client relationships adds significant value for the parties we represent in civil litigation.  Our clients benefit not only from our experience as successful trial lawyers, they also gain from our familiarity with their specific business objectives and their operations.

We will effectively represent you or your business in litigation or arbitration in the following areas, among others:

  • Breach of contract and other business disputes
  • Real estate
  • Construction
  • Corporate and partnership disputes among business owners
  • Shareholder and limited liability company derivative actions
  • Employment
  • Securities
  • Severance, non-compete and non-disclosure agreements
  • Unfair competition, trademark and copyright
  • Bankruptcy, fraudulent conveyance and insolvency
  • Entertainment

Longstanding transactional and litigation experience in such industries as transportation, construction, real estate and insurance adds further depth to our strategies for companies in these industries.

For further information about the ways our corporate and commercial litigation practice can advance your company’s interests, contact us at any of our offices.